Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6th to be 16th

Heyyaaa, today is 6 March! And yep, I'm turning 16, yeaaaay \(^^)/ well..I hope I can get more mature with this age and me..well I'm wishing my self for the best hihihi. I'm too happy to express it so I'm not talking too much. Instead, while I'm writing this, I put my big smile on my face :$ oh oh and one more, my sissy (Azzah) give me a cupcake, what a "proud tears moment" :') Me love you always Zaaaah <3 <3. Mom and Dad also give me a box of Cadbury's Chocolate :9 #YumToTheTum hemm and my lil' brother gave me a letter of birthday greets and a bar of Cadbury's Chocolate too :'') This is the best day eveeeer of this lovely March ♥♥
Happy birthday Anisa Wisnu Putri ({})
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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Awesome beginning from 2012, yeaaay!
First of all, I had looong weekend with my school pals ^^ we went to Bali-Bromo-Jogja for a week, that's a big yeay-ness mihihi. Full of tired but yet unforgetable and fun fun fun with all of them. Word just coudln't describe it, hard to find the exact word I think hehehe :P

Here one of million (ok lebay) photos from us when we were there, but this is just my class when we touchdown Tanjung Benoa, it was located in Pulau Penyu! Btw I'm not in this photo huhu poor me, yeah I'm the one who took this pict, preety amazing I think hihi

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whenever it's start, it'll always come to an end.
Just by counting hours, it's almost the end of 2011 and also it's almost the new beginning of 2012.
Let's start 2012 with new spirit and awesomeness. Let it be always a gorgeous year ahead. Cheer up Peeps!!
Happy New Year Everybodeeeh \(^^)/

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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 wish list

Annyeong! well...the truth is I don't have any wish list :P I just wish one thing :

I wish everything gonna be much much better than last year
e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (but the good ones)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's done peeps
The Final Exam of the 1st semester was oveeeer (muahahaha)
Finally, I'm officially welcoming FREEDOM \('0')/
"Semoga hasil UAS-nya ngga ada yang remedial, dan nilainya memuaskan yaAllah. Semoga rapotnya juga bagus yaAllah Amiiin"
I already did my best, and now I just pray for the best =D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life: Enjoy it, Live it, Feel it!

Enjoy your beautiful life with your happy face =D
Don't regret what you've done in the past, just take some lessons from that (^^)b
Have fun with your own way \(^^)/
Because your life is your choice!

Awp =D

Do you believe that, those sentences I wrote it on my chemis work book when I was at the 10th grade? And my age only 14 when I wrote that, hahaha I just found that this morning when I studied chem because, on Monday I'll get chem test. Ngga abis pikir aja, dulu kok gue bisa nulis begituan wkwk even the title too, I think every ppl have a wise side in them, even the hilarious one.

Btw, uas-nya to be continued nih, doakan aku kawaaan ('0')9

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'll be facing my final exam of the 1st semester. Wish me nothing but tons of luck ;) Fightiiiiing \(^^)/
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

"you are the one who started the game and you're also the one who ended it...oh wait, heart is not game"

waw those sentence, which I saw last couple days on someone timeline, just hit me on my face. first time, I thought, hmm poor her (the writer). and suddenly I realised that, I used to be like her too. wuoh, but then I get over it now, but one little thing that keep bother me..explanation, yeah I need 'em.

been through the hard times all by my self, and it's good to open a new page. yeah, here me now, with whole new white page that ready to fill with. no no, not with boys, I still not ready to open it again, it's just hard for me kekeke. theeeen I just fill it with my new spirit, smiles, laugh, friendsss, family and all the fun things \(^^)/


Awp (Live, Love, Laugh)

Friday, November 11, 2011

day(s) off

Hola depito, Awp is back in this blog. Udah lama juga ya gak nge-post disini hehe. Maklum, yet it has been my hard time to me to share my thoughts in here.

So...my (lovely yet) school gave some day(s) off, ok maybe it's not some but A WEEK days off muahahaha I'm soooooo happy right now. But then, it's not 61 if it's not give some (a lot) of assignments to do. Oh yeah I forgot, actually Depdiknas who gave us the day off cause we're having Sea Games (AyoIndonesiaBisa) cheers up! I bet Indonesia could win some sports ^^v

ow ow and We (tatra&padus) are now progressing on Rhapsodie with Scraft , soon it'll be held on April 2012. Be there!! By the way I'm the member of the documentation coordinate, wish we tons of luck guys ;)

hemm now is November and soon it'll be Desember and that's mean we'll have new year and and it comes Januari. And what's up with Januari??? 61'13 goes to Bali-Bromo-Jogja on 4-11 Januari 2012. Aaaaa I just can't wait any longer, can I just skip the day 'till the study tour? :P bet every student wants that xixi

See ya as soon as possible, and btw today is 11.11.11 my wish is just one... I wish that everything in my life can be much much muuuccchh better than before 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I just found it on someone tumblr and its said like this...

"The most important thing though is don't let him know he hurt you.
Don't let him know he could have you back in a heartbeat.
Don't give him that satisfication.
Make him think you're completely happy.
When he decides to wave at you like nothing ever hapenned, wave back, sure.
But don't smile.
Make him think he meant as little to you, as you obviously meant to him."

you know what, maybe I think that's true but on the other side I think...can you just let it go? yeah, these all teenage drama thing was attacked me behind, but I'm kinda used to it, I mean like hey it's just one of the risk to be a high school students. So...just enjoy my teenage life with some beautiful things and a happy thought